Camping in a sea of dew

photo taken by: Hannah Carter

Oh hi!

This is officially my first blog post, so not gonna lie, feels kind of like a blind date, but literally blind, I can't see anybody! For all I know I could be the only one reading this... Just me spilling words into the vast void of cyberspace... Holding my own hand while racoons sing songs of melancholy outside my window... I slip song requests like "I can't make you love me"  through the window cracks while I sip a cup of sour decaf...

If you've made it this far, give yourself a high five. 

In the Fraser Valley (and mostly everywhere else I hear) there's been a big mean Summer drought this year... So dry, that chap stick was as fundamental to survival as hydration. Well, in the last week of August the heavens have opened once again and B.C. is back to it's usual wet self! Not only that, the fire ban had lifted and weather was looking rosy and sunny after a week of rain, awe how nice?!

A large group of our friends and I retreated to one of our favorite camping spots on Alouette Lake, to our surprise all the beaches were almost completely covered in WATER. To even reach our specific spot we had to wade through waist high glacier cold water, carrying all our gear while avoiding any thoughts of barracudas, alligators, and even Jaws. (We don't actually have those in B.C. but in my imagination they're fully alive)

When we finally arrive to our camp spot, with weather forecasts promising sunshine, lightning decides "This is a GREAT time for me to show up!", then thunder, then downpour, then people frantically throwing their gear under trees, everybody is soaked but smiling (well most of us ;)). When you've already worked so hard to get there, it's better to embrace the challenges that arrive than to be a sour toad.

The rain cleared but the moisture sticked in the air and on everything else, and so Mike and I both woke up in a sea of cold dew, 2 AM to be precise. Since we had nothing better to do other than shiver in the dark, Mike decided an extremely premature fire would be appropriate. One by one the other survivors crawled out of their cold caves to ignore their uncomfortable sleeps and watch the sunrise instead. That day proved to be a glorious sunny day, and the rest of the weekend was our reward. 

So here's a visual salad of photos for you to munch on...

Till next time friends!


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