Gold Glitter Script DIY

This DIY is so cheap and easy. Plus, I'll teach you a bulletproof tracing technique, so you don't have to be a crazy free-hand typography artist to get it right either!

-Thick white cardstock ( I used a slice of watercolour paper)
-A simple frame
-A printed cheat sheet of paper with your preferred script (I used Isabella script)
-Gold glitter
-Liquid craft glue
-Scotch  or painter's tape

Step one:
Flip your script cheat-sheet over and roughly 'colour' the back of the paper/script with a pencil (I used a looser graphite pencil level B)

Step two:
Flip the cheat sheet again and place it where you want it on top of the white cardstock.

Step three:
Tape the cheat sheet to the cardstock. 

Tip: if you're using scotch tape, rip a piece off and press the sticky side to your clothes before sticking it on the paper. This method prevents the tape ripping your canvas when removing it.

Step four:
Grab a pencil again and trace a hard outline around the type. By putting pressure on your lines the graphite on the back transfers an outline to your main canvas. ( I used a harder graphite pencil H to create more pressure) 

Step five:
After outlining the entire script, gently remove the taped on cheat sheet. There should be a very light outline of the script left on the cardstock. (You can hardly see it in my picture, but it's there!)

Step six:
Glue & glitter! Carefully glue inside your outline and pour on the glitter as you move along the script. (I used a toothpick to help smooth out any glue blobbiness)

GLITTER GETS EVERYWHERE!! I hope you have a vacuum in your cleaning arsenal...

Shake and blow off all the extra glitter and voila! Glitter in my toes, but baby oh baby it's worth it. I popped mine in a simple wood frame and hung it on Mike and I's bedroom wall. With this sneaky tracing technique you can make sparkly signs all over your house, friend's houses, and weddings!

Thanks for tagging along ;)


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