Golden Clay Pots DIY

The cheesy half of my heart really wanted to call this post "A Pot of Gold DIY" but I went with the more 'tamed' half of my heart.... But come on how good is A Pot of Gold?! Yeah I guess a little much.

Alright, let's get crafty! It's cold out there these days, so why not cozy up with a little saucy Frank Sinatra and paint some clay pots? That's what I did and it was quite therapeutic!


  • 1 plant (if you're a plant killer use a fake one or find an artsy twig)
  • 1 terracotta clay pot & saucer (these are best for succulents and clay is very porous and will absorb and hold the paint better than an already glazed pot) Find at dollar store or local nursery
  • White acrylic paint 
  • Metallic gold paint (get this from the dollar store or walmart)
  • Foam paint brush
  • Plastic plate
  • Bristle brush

Step 1: Soak the clay pot and saucer for up to an hour in warm water. 

Step 2: After soaking scrub pots with the bristle brush to remove any more dirt and bumps. Let dry before painting.

Step 3: Thin out white acrylic paint with water mixing it with the foam brush on the plastic plate. This helps for a consistent smooth paint job.

Step 4: PAINT! Do long smooth brush strokes across the pot. I did 3 coats for maximum whiteness and I let it dry completely between coats. Don't worry, these clay pots suck the paint dry in minutes making it a super quick painting process!

Step 5: Get out the gold baby! For the simple design I painted 3 coats of gold on the outside and inside of the top rim, but I also masked a couple other pots with some funky yet simple patterns to mix it up which I'll show in a couple seconds... Whatever you think of, make it yours! 

Some other ideas if you want to get extra funky... All you need is some masking tape and a little extra time to get some more unique results.

Step 6: Pop your plant in there, gaze upon it's beauty and give yourself a pat on the back, you creative creature! 

Thanks for inviting me and Frank into your weekend!


  1. superb how-to photos, Victoria. Love the pots of gold.

  2. I love that you did this on the floor, Getting natural movement while being crafty! I want to do this but in copper for my aloe Vera plant.

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