1 year married... WHAT?!

Get ready for the ultimate cheese of multiple heart melting photos with a little narration of our most highlighted moments together this first year of...yes... MARRAIGE! Hazahhh! I don't know what's more surprising this year, being married or how many times I changed my hair colour... I have to say, marriage is much more exciting than my moody hair excursions. 

(get in the celebratory mood with me and play this song as you read, it's winner every time)

I gotta say, we had a pretty awesome wedding. The snow started to fall right when we walked outside to take some wedding shots with the amazing M&Him photographers. The environment, food, people, and atmosphere was dreamier than my dreams. I was pretty shocked by how incredible the whole shindig turned out... I always thought weddings we're pretty cool but when it was my turn I realized it was cooler than cool, it's a bombshell of promises and dreams fulfilled, a rainbow explosion of hearts coming together to celebrate LOVE combining two people in the presence of our always loving Father God.

The year ahead was like a jack in the box, except no creepy music or joker, just surprises as the year went on...

Our jack in the box surprises of our marriage this year were:

  • We moved 3 times in one year.
  • We started a small hobby farm of sheep with no experience as farmers other than my one year of rusty history of 4-H Lamb club when I was fourteen years old. (crickets) 
  • We did a 14 hour road trip down the I-5 to Northern California, and found out after that our breaks were blown the whole time. (Obliviously living out Psalm 91)
  • Mike went on a trip to India and Myanmar in June, which we were apart from each other for a 15 day stretch.
  • Probably the most surprising event this year was on July 7th Mike had a stroke... 

Never expected my 25 year old healthy hunk to have a stroke. To ease any initial thoughts you may have, Mike has completely recovered and the doctor says it was a very rare and random occurrence that can happen to younger people without being a precursor to another stroke. So good news!!

Although this stroke was not a welcomed event, it was amazing to see how Mike and I responded to it... I was shocked at the amount of JOY we had though the whole process. God's goodness and mercy followed us like in the emergency room, when we had moments where we couldn't stop laughing while waiting 4 hours to see a doctor, or when the swollen lump in his brain shrunk more than 50% within a week of the stroke! I strongly feel that this event grew us closer and stronger than all other events this year. Through the whole process I see God's goodness beaming in every moment, the joy, the peace, Michael's quick and miraculous recovery, the prayer and support from our church and community, and 4 weeks after the stroke we were gifted with an all expenses paid vacation at Scott River Lodge, where we reflected everything in an incredibly refreshing environment. (I don't care if that's a run on sentence, it's full of awesome things!) One amazing testimony, of many more I'm sure will come, where God our most loving father, turns all things to work together for the good of those who love him. 

Cheers to another year my love, Michael Gabriel Park! 
Speaking of which I better get off my butt and run away from this computer and spend some quality time with that guy! 

It's always a blast to share with you my friends! 
Till next time,

Victoria Rose Park

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