A Little Whistler + Squamish Getaway

It's incredible that I can drive 2.5 hours and be in a mountainous chorus and call it vacation. Why would you spend the money to fly all the way to Thailand when you live in B.C. amiright?! Well hanging out in Whistler is about as expensive as a plane ticket... Just more time spent eating tasty things and seeing prettier things than staring at a back seat of a plane smelling like rotten onions!

Soooooo what is the purpose of the post?! Well if you despise Mike and I this won't be a very enjoyable time because you're about to see a lot of cute photos of us... I'm surprised you've made it this far. But if you LOVE us, well, welcome to the visual array of two love birds diving into the mountains, capturing and narrating the things that brought us sweet heavenly joys on our 1 year anniversary celebrationy!!! (I'm a real killer for adding unnecessary Y's, deal with it homies!) It's a bit of long one (entertaining mind you) with way too many photos, so if you make it to the end you get extra loyalty points.

We drove up to Whistler Saturday on a crystallized shimmerized morning, listening to Marvin Gaye, and fresh wooly socks hugging our feet anticipating numerous stomped-out high fives with the mountain snow.

Our first stop in the Whistler Village was lunch at Elements Urban Tapas Parlour. If you ever want to eat the best eggs benedict of your life, go there for the breakfast menu and get the English Breakfast Stack, portabello mushroom is the bun instead of an english muffin, not to mention duck meat and bacon is on it. Oh, and their mimosas (a random favorite drink of Mike and I's) are a golden nugget bonus if you like a subtle morning spike ;)

We scampered around the Whistler Village, explored some windy paths with numb toes and my baby Canon Rebel. I call it a baby because I got it last August and I'm still learning how to use this new gadget! I find the photos I don't plan or "aren't perfect" are usually my favorite... Like if Mike's head gets in the way of a shot and looks like a shadowy giant (which it frequently does!) I'm visually rewarded by its quirkiness and spontaneity. I enjoy catching a dreamy fully epic shot with "on point" composition (whatever that means), but throwing a little reality in there like a telephone pole, unplanned face expressions, blurriness, airplane, I find most refreshing. Maybe this is part of my style of photography journey, whatever it is, I like it.

Mike and I's continual joke throughout the weekend in 100% sarcasm was, "Ohhh my gosh that's so #PNW..." Because we literally were in the Pacific Northwest paradise. Maybe I'm overreacting, over thinking this silly little combination of letters, but this hashtag drives me up the waaaallllll!!! Excuse me Mr. Instagram Hashtag, do you ever eat? Sleep in anything other than a misty log cabin in the middle of nowhere? Where on earth do you get your Wifi?! I know I know, I take A LOT of photos of nature with the PNW vibes, I didn't say PNW style photos aren't nice to look at, PNW is my home bro! Maybe I'm being a classic hipster and I have an instinctive rejection to fad mainstream hashtags that strive to look 'original' but they all look the same, or worse have nothing to do with the meaning of the hashtag. So the point of all this is I don't use the hashtag out of pure emotional subjective reasons and I should simmer down. Don't even get me started on #LiveAuthentic.

It's dinner time in Whistler... OK, you want some awesome crepes? I SAID do you want some AWESOME CREPES? Well, make sure to bring your wallet because you're gonna need to dine here, but need I say it again, AWESOME CREPES?! We dined at the Crepe Montagne, crepes out this world, great B.C. wines, and holy cannoli they melt dark Belgium chocolate on their dessert crepes!

We spent the night in Squamish (a cheap alternative than staying in Whistler) in a pleasant little lodge we found on AirBNB called Wonderland Valley Resort in room 5. In the morning we slowly woke up the sun lit up the large windows above our bed, with a viewpoint of purely snow filled forest. Ahhhh it was a dreamy wintery stay. Mike and I loved that we could check ourselves in and out without any interaction with the hosts, it feels like your own private winter cabin that you can just casually walk in without question. Plus it came with a game of Scrabble ;) which we broke all the rules by playing.

What better activity on your anniversary than to ventured out to the very place you got hitched?! We were practically down the road from the Cheakamus Center in Brackendale, the sweet spot where we got married. Of course, it was closed (sad face) but we tromped out in the snowy woods and found the massive cedar where we took some of our wedding pics. I gotta say, it was kinda strange being there totally bundled and not freezing in a lace sleeved dress...

Well, to top off our last day we bombed over to Chef Big D's, a Squamish down to earth hot spot. They're a great breakfast and lunch joint, with a dress your own burger kind of approach. Seriously though.... The MESSIEST burger experience ever! Mike was shocked at how much brie cheese was dripping off my face while hand scooping the falling mushrooms into my mouth. I had to wash my face in the bathroom after because I napkin wouldn't cut it. There's extraordinary photo to follow that Michael just had to take of me.... It was worth every bite.


Well that's as much words and photos I can squeeze into a post and still stay sane! I hope you enjoyed tagging along on our little adventure ;)

Stay awesome,

Victoria Rose Park

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