Introducing our tiny new lamb, Yosemite!

Hey friends!
It's been a busy few months on our sheep farm... Lambs, tail docking, Shearing, discovering ticks, vet appointments, and another lamb (all in that order). But this lamb you're about to meet has us all melting... teeny tiny spotty Yosemite. He's a heart stealer.

It was his momma’s first baby ever, which is most likely why he was born so tiny. I’m very proud of our new momma, she’s always near her lamb sniffing and calling to him, and might I add very protective. She don’t want nobody near her baby! So you can imagine the curses coming from her mouth as we took this adorable photo…

Our first meeting!

I wanted to make sure momma wasn’t haven’t any issues with getting baby’s milk out. So Mike flipped her over and I squeezed her teats, and low and behold, milk came squirting out! Right on me. Lesson learned, next time I’ll aim it away from my face. ;)

Mike and I are were both surprised by his human social skills! He scurries right up to us and tried nursing Mike’s thumb the other night (heart eyed emoji moment). The other lambs were always more skittish. 

He’s also very clumsy (as newborns typically are) and Ginger (who now looks HUGE next him) is always tripping over him. Thankfully, he’s a tough little guy and seems to manage to get his clunky legs back standing!

So why is name Yosemite? Well, my bro Rylan was taking care of the sheep while I was away, and after my mom, was the second to discover our wooly treasure. Naturally, he went ahead and named the lamb even though he had no rights or lamb ownership, but we loved it so Rylan won. ;) A fragile extra-tiny lamb named after a massively epic nature park, seemed an ironic and cute pairing. 

That’s it from our tiny herd! Excited to embark on some new farming adventures I’ll be announcing around the corner…

I think you're awesome for digging my sheep tales! Or should I say tails??? (cringing emoji)

Victoria Rose Park

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