4 epic reasons why you gotta hike ASAP (with cartoons)

I'm alllll about variety in exercise. I don't only hike, I run, I lift heavy-ish things like weights, cats or babies, I canoe, I stretch, I bike, I scoop sheep poop, etc. Sometimes the gym is more convenient than driving out to a mountain, I get it. But let this post encourage you to add hiking to your monthly exercise regime. I try to get in 2-3 hikes every month. Even if you can only squeeze one in a month, trust me, after reading this, you know it's worth it.


That's right, no contracts, no monthly payments, free trial every time. If you live in BC or near mountains, all you pay for is gas. If you're really low on the cash, just get lots of friends to come and pitch in for gas! It's a win win if your friends are as stingy as you ;)


I hope you all know that exercising in general is hugely important for your brain development, period. But when comparing hiking to running flat on a treadmill, you get a lot more bang for your buck...

Running you get the cardio and leaner and minimal muscle development (amp up your running like I do by going minimal/"barefoot"). But the treadmill "terrain" is flat, static, robotic and requires little engagement of your brain (hence why people can watch Jimmy Fallon while on one). If you tried watching Jimmy Fallon while hiking you might fall off a cliff... This is why hiking not only rocks your cardio, and gives you more positive muscle strengthening from walking steep inclines and irregular terrain, but your brain is stimulated and gets stronger by the outdoor environment, and all the split second decisions that comes with it. Decisions like "Step on that rock" "DON'T STEP THERE!" "Watch out for that tree" "Ah! Cliff!" "Squirrel!" "BEAR!". The faster you go the more alert you'll be... Especially when running from a bear.


You know that mega essential oil trend that heightens human performance that you can't afford?! Well get this... Get expensive essential oils (which are awesome if you're not on a tight budget), orrrrr run around and breath in an entire forest? The benefits of both are surprisingly similar. Mind blown. Some call it forest bathing. Scientific evidence shows significant decreases of stress, stronger immune system, and more creativity when you're immersed in a forest! That's just a glimpse of nature's benefits people, it's a mind blowing thing. Plus whether you're hiking, walking, standing, or sleeping, as long as you're in a forest. you get the good stuff. Oh, and it's FREE!


Let's face it, having a flat screen in front of your treadmill or stair climber with a glorified picture of a mountain, just isn't as satisfying as climbing a real mountain with real elevation gain, sweating in freezing winds with a gobsmacking view. You feel badass. Not to mention most of us can't afford flatscreens on our personal treadmills... And if we did, we'd be watching Jimmy Fallon with our brains chilling in a metaphorical leather recliner.

Sadly, I can't guarantee unicorns, but here's to hoping. (prayer hands emoji)

Well, that was seriously fun. I hope you cease the next opportunity to conquer a mountain! In case you're wondering why I even bother to create time consuming cartoons, and share this information while not getting paid a dime... (enter mini pep talk)

Many people are mentally or physically restricted to pursue their dreams because of an unhealthy lifestyle. That's why I'm passionate about freely sharing powerful facts, thoughts, and stories I come across in my own health journey. I do this with strong hopes to empower my lovely community of readers to create a world full of healthy, happy, and dream fulfilling people! It all starts with you and me, let's do this!!!

Keep up the sweat friends, YOU ARE AWESOME! (thumbs up & high five emojis galore)

Victoria Rose Park

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