we moved! what happened + what's next.


Some of you may have heard through Instagram or through oldschool face to face talking to Mike and I, that we moved.... Yes... Into the crypts of my parents basement! Living in your parent's basement suite seems to be the "uncool" thing to do in Western culture, but when you're living in Greater Vancouver, you're actually the smartest cat on the block. Jaws is on the loose to bite your wallet in the house market these days... But this isn't the real reason we moved...

Where it all started:
This past December we got the boot out of our beautiful country cabin, that was right down the street from our farm. Nothing close to the farm was available, so we took the plunge to dwell in a basement suite located in the "picture perfect" suburbia area of Willoughby. We first looked at the place at nighttime, so when I saw all the windows I was like, "Oh great lots of light will be streaming out of these puppies!". Well, when we moved in the middle of a bright sunny day, I realized the windows were actually under ground... With a breathtaking view of a slatted wall and a prison-like slate above. I started having second thoughts.

Our past suburbia neighborhood in Winter

The rude awaking:
Months of working at home with no natural light carried on, and I started experiencing strange light sensitivities... Such as migraines leaving me in bed all day, lights out, and any light I saw was blood orange. Mike would come home to a stunning impersonation of the mountain hidden Gollum, crawling in cavernous isolation with a twitch in his eye instead of a sparkle. Not so great (or attractive for that matter!). I was not able to function properly in my work and regular life became stressful endeavor, so we knew it was time to pull the plug.

Basement Christmas-We sure LOOK happy!

The solution:
Our sheep farm is on the back of my parent's property, and we were driving out 20 minutes morning and night from Willoughby to put the woolies in and out. Mike had a brilliant idea, "Why don't we move into your parent's basement and renovate the entire thing?!" BOOM solution. parents were stoked on the idea. We could half their rent in return for being right on the farm, a massive garden opportunity, and also become chicken farmers! Not to mention their basement windows are ACTUALLY above ground. But there's a catch... Renovations on a 60 year old dingy basement requires a major face lift...

Somebody please pin this to your "Dream Home" board... You'll make my day!

The big challenge:
Major basement renovations, revamping the garden, and new chicken coop.
Here's an unpleasant peak of what we're dealing with...

Garden presently and old chicken coup in the back
To be our room...
To be the kitchen...
To be the living area
Main entry... How about them tiles?!

With some creativity, resourcefulness, no social life, and A LOT of elbow grease, we're gonna do the tango with this 60 year old beast!

Till next time,

Victoria Rose Park


  1. Soon fun! I feel like you would like following Joel Salatin. He's from polyface farm. Look him up. His farm operation is awesome and on the cheap as far as farming is concerned.

  2. Hey what about the upper office???missing a pic of that great window view!! hehe

    1. Haha these photos are enough!! Don't want to overwhelm my readers ;)

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