Organic Garden Transformation

We've been working hard the last month to get this project finished (farmer  = minimum social life) Yes, we are indeed a bit late in the gardening game... But we moved in May 1st and this type of project can't happen overnight! So, better late then never, plus I may have not survived to look at this scary sight for a whole year. I almost called 911.

Pardon the crappy iPhone photos, sometimes I don't have time to take fancy pictures for every moment ;)

But we put in the work and sooooo worth it... Well as long as it grows stuff ;)

OUR GOAL: To subsidize as much of our produce through an organic garden (woo!)

THE METHOD: Back To Eden method on 700 square feet of soil.

What our process looked like....


Our feathery weeding buddies helping us out

2. NEWSPAPER: Free from local newspaper printer. This is the first base layer to blocking out light from weeds & grass below.

3. SPREAD ORGANIC COMPOST ON TOP: Spent $255 for 5 cubic yards of local organic supercharged compost delivered.

4. ADD COVERING: Around $100 for 5 cubic yards of local wood chips (picked up ourselves)

A photo to prove that I'm actually doing stuff other than taking photos ;)

One more to really sink it in.

Shovelling so much earth... We were so sore. Mike is being 100% genuine here.

5. PLANTING (around $90 of 1-2 seasons worth of non GMO organic seeds)
$90 may seem like a lot (on top of the $355 we spent on our base layer), but in reality we spend A LOT every month on organic produce... So a we spent a lot up front, but we're getting major value in the long run with growing our own food. CHA CHING! I can guarantee Mike will create a spreadsheet about how much grocery money we'll save this year. How could a numbers guy resist?! Speaking of spreadsheets.... Oh yes we did.

Since we are planting direct seed into soil and we have fresh chips, we cleared the chips in rows for the seeds to sprout first and then will recover with chips around the plant.

Now to wait and see what happens! (Hoping for some fresh green stuff!) And if you're curious about that funky structure and the scrawny chickens in the background, that's our next project... Which if I had to give it a name, I'd call it Project Happy Egg, Compost  Factory & Feather Rehab. More on that later ;)


Victoria Rose Park

P.s. Since I wrote this post a few days after planting, here's a sneak peek snapchat post from yesterday...  PTL there is life!!


  1. I love your article and photos. I can't wait to hear about the scrawny chicken project. I have a BTE garden in Sidney BC. Are you in BC as well?

    1. Thanks Erin! I'm very excited about our chicken rescue project (we're so close to finishing!) That's lovely, what's the best growing plant in your BTE garden? I am in BC! I love the island (my sister and brother have a vineyard out there called Emandare Vineyard it's awesome) but my homebase for now is on the mainland in Langley. :)

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