Reno Phase 1: Tearing walls down

For those of you following along, you probably know we recently moved into my parent's scary basement ( blog post here). You also probably know that we are gearing up to release the renovating fury and completely obliterate and rebuild this desolate cave of horrors. You got it!

So here's some before and after photos of what we've destroyed so far... None of this is supposed to be pretty, we're working on that part later ;)


*Now for those mother hens out there who are aware of toxic insulation in old houses, rest assured, we got everything tested and there's no evil asbestos waiting to pounce on it's ambitious prey. We good :)

Here's a super rough, not proportional, not in a spreadsheet, map of the basement plan. (I know... Not the way Mike would do it but he still loves me.)

Now here's some pictures...

Since removing the wall and ceiling panels we've had many visitors! In rat form. Dead. In rat traps. Spilling their blood on our floor. We're quite the hosts! 

We expanded the bathroom by tearing out two walls in the weird storage room, with a second entry to our bedroom... Now we don't have to have to run a marathon to go to the bathroom. We win first place, every time. (arm flexing emoji)

 Yes, we're living in a crap hole, yes we got a lot to go, yes it will get better, and yes God is still good to us no matter where we live and we have so much joy in this ugly process! I'm grateful that I got a roof over my head and an awesome God to take care of us, that's home enough for me. Even with dead rats in the equation.

Peace out beautiful humans!

Victoria Rose Park

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