Project Happy Eggs + Chicken Rescue COMPLETE!

If this post was an egg, let me simply boil it down for you guys: 

Past Scenario:
  • 23 chickens in a space made for 12
  • They've exhausted their little pasture and so have no grass or bugs to eat
  • Their pasture hasn't been sifted through so it's rock hard from poo drying up and they can't dig
  • Since they got no pasture (& bug proteins) they've become bored and need more protein, so they eat each other's feathers (Feathers are made of 85% protein!)
  • They also were infested with mites
  • As a result from this, the majority of chickens now have bare swollen bums and are ugly/stressed
  • The coop is a VW bus that is now infested with rats that live inside
  • And to top it all off, it just doesn't look awesome....

Our Solution:
  • Cut the amount of chickens in half to 12
  • Rebuild a new larger coop with no rat hostels
  • Doubling the chicken pasture size
  • Tilling our own sawdust & sheep manure into the pasture dirt to loosen up the ground and promote bug and grass production
  • Give chickens mite treatment
  • Installing a tray in the bottom of the coop to collect organic compost for our garden
  • All garden weeds/grass clippings are fed to the chickens

The Goal: 
  • Less feather plucking and more bug/grass eating 
  • Happier full feathers chickens 
  • Better egg production
  • A sustainable and awesome garden compost system

Now for a smorgasbord of photos of how we saved our bare bummed friends!

1ST STEP: Cut flock size in half and build the new coop.

2ND STEP: Remove the VW bus.

3RD STEP: Give chickens mite treatment and put them in the new coop. This is why we don't play Pokemon Go...

Here's Mike. Catching them all.

4TH STEP: Take down the old fence & rebuild new fence/chicken run.


Watering poultry nipples underneath the coop.

Lunch amiright?!

One happy chicken.

The chickens may not be able to smile ear to ear with a beak on their face, but it sure looks like they're loving their new home! Digging around, eating bugs and compost, not room for rats to build a nest in their home, and overall looks WAY better! Hoping these ladies get their feathery self esteem back...

Pssssst! If you'd like to see the chicken coop structure that Mike used as a main reference (Mike doubled the size), check it out here. Low cost, simple, and will last much longer than a VW bus ;)

Blog post of my first all-natural tanning sheepskin adventure in the works!

Peace out my homies,

Victoria Rose Park


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