A Wee Life Update

Hello my fellow homosapiens!

(If on a computer, here is your reading music) I know, not much posting to be had in the last month of summer. I guess that's what happens when you've got so much dirt stuck in your fingernails from farming things, and burning the midnight oil for your own business. But I thought I'd whip up some quick muffins (updates) from the last month and put them in the oven (the internet) for you to eat (read). My writing is a little rusty, so it will either be all too entertaining or all too uncomfortable!

Cool photos by Hannah Carter

For any who don't know, I run my own company call Young Colour, which specializes in branding for small business (graphic design, illustration, photography, creative juices). After work and on the weekends I embrace my second life of working on my hobby farm.

So there's kind of two Victoria's... First one can be found looking professional, showered, meeting clients in cafes, eyes locked with her MacBook Pro, clicking her mouse 1 billion times a day, with a brain totally wired for anything digital and social media...

...And then there is the second Victoria, who has grease soaked locks, wears no bra with an oversized flannel, finds comfort in the smell of her stinky sheep, gets lost in deep thought while scooping presents from her livestock's butts, hands are covered in dirt from gardening (and doesn't wash them), consistently leaves her phone miles away, and is more than content to hang in fields and forests far away from the wifi beast.

August and September has been lots of time with the first Victoria. Oh hey guuuurl! Let's work, like, all the time. It will be fun! (And very busy. hence the lack of farm posts.)

I'm currently growing my company, like a smart Victoria #1 would do. It's been incredibly fun but also means no more normal hours, working 9-6, and some nights, back at it after dinner till midnight. Not to mention trying to pin the tail on the donkey for Young Colour's new website (Still working on it) SO much learning about hiring and growing my team of creative/brilliant people. Empowering other creatives with fun artistic work and a healthy work environment, gets me SO excited! I've been waiting for YC to move into this growing season for three years. God has been dumping so many branding jobs and opportunities for me to grow without me even marketing it! Knowing that God is on board, makes it even MORE exciting.

But don't you cry! Your dirty hippy Victoria #2 is not dead! It's getting colder and darker, which means she's crawling back in her bear cave, which means more blogging about all things farmy and healthy! Stay tuned for my natural sheepskin tanning post, 1st year garden review, and so much more dirty, stinky, sweaty, and tasty posts to come!

I appreciate all of you who put up with my strange metaphors and rambles! Blogging has always been a refreshing and free place for me to share things with you lovely humans (or should I say homosapiens?! #newfavoriteword)


Victoria Rose Park


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