Count Every Petal

Summer 2023

A series of gentle reminders to not take for granted the simple beauties that life has for us right now.

Grief can break you, or you can let it open your eyes to the beauty that is still here. To not take it for granted. To hold pain and gratitude simultaneously. To hold onto hope even when it hurts. To make beauty from pain. To run towards connection and let others in. This is what I want this next series to represent. So often the most beautiful things are hidden in the ordinary.

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The Process

These paintings were born right outside my front door in the surrounding fields of my home. Buttercup petals, grass, and morning dew were all welcome to make their mark in my artworks as curious cows wandered by. I am extremely grateful to call this place home and I wanted these paintings to capture the peace, joy, and gratitude I feel during my frequent walks I take here to refocus and be present.

After my dusk and dawn painting sessions outside, I brought my paintings into the studio to dive deep into the details. I wanted that feeling of being surrounded by nature from the first sessions to follow me inside, so, I filled my studio with flowers for five weeks of the creation process. This heavily influenced the floral realism in this series as I captured my painting references directly from the floral arrangements.