Out of the Woods


Out of the Woods

February 2023

This body of work was birthed on the Western edge of Vancouver Island in a little surfer town called Jordan River. The journey started during British Columbia's biggest storm in over a decade. The freezing and snowy conditions for this area were not expected in the least but I found tremendous joy in accepting the challenge to paint outside anyways.

This series has been a kind reminder that the most beautiful things in life, more often than not, come out of moments of discomfort and difficulty.

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The Process

This was the wildest painting experience I've had to date! Clumps of snow melting off trees and plopping down onto my canvas, branches leaving their markings on my paintings as I hiked through thick brush, and paintbrushes and paintings literally freezing while I lost all feeling in my hands. It was extremely uncomfortable and incredibly fulfilling all at the same time. A common paradox found in life's most beautiful experiences.