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Wall Hanging Ceramic Piece - White Clay 2

Wall Hanging Ceramic Piece - White Clay 2

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Sculpted and kiln-fired ceramic pieces by Steph MacDonald ( and painted markings in ceramic glazes by Victoria Park. Each piece comes with a wall hook for mounting on the wall. Clay pieces are shipped separately from prints and originals. Shipping worldwide is calculated at checkout.

Mounting your wall hanging piece:

1. Pick your spot on the wall, we recommend placing it over a wall stud.
2. Hand screw in hook - you can pre-drill the hole with a drill bit slightly smaller than the hook to make it easier.
3. Mount the wall hanging piece through the hole - You may need to leave the hook out a bit further to catch the hole on the piece and then once it’s attached, you can screw the hook in further.
4. Decorate! We recommend using dried or light flowers. Avoid adding water or soil due to weight.

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