Space to Breathe

New Release
Sale price$275.00 CAD
Material: Paper
Size: 16" X 20"
Frame: No Frame
2nd piece of the Sanctuary Collection

Space to Breathe

The story...

March 2024

The second piece in this collection - Space to Breathe - portrays the feeling of how much space there is for us to find rest, inspired by my travels in Sedona, Arizona.

This story actually started 6 years ago...

I was burnt out, working a job that smothered my creative passions. A break was needed and Sedona became a sanctuary for me; a place where I could simply breathe, rest, and dream again.

It was in this place...

It was in this place that I began to rekindle my creative passions, which lead me to where I am today; painting in the same place, but as a much more creatively alive, rested, and joy-filled person.

Finding space to rest that's been there all along...

This painting travelled by plane, climbed up mountains, hid in a cave, and most definitely got poked by a cactus or two ;) It was my most epic painting adventure to date and I love that these memories are all part of this painting’s story.

I hope this painting can transport you into the same restful feeling that I felt adventuring through this grand landscape.