In Light of Everything


In Light of Everything

February 2022

Oh the winter months and how effective they are at keeping us in doors, huddled away from the long, damp days of cold. It is during these months that even the slightest glimmer of sun light can send electricity dancing through your core. What is it that makes this winter light so magical? Is it vitamin-D we crave so desperately? Or something deeper? 

This series captures and amplifies the light we create through our connections with one another. It is this particular form of light that gives us the endurance to make it through the dark winter months and the hope that a lighter day is coming. A warm meal shared with even warmer company. A walk with loved ones in the brisk morning air. Even when the sun is hiding, we create our own light by spending time with one another. Winter can feel isolating and, in light of everything, comfort is found in each other. 

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