Why I Paint

Ever since I was a child playing in the woods behind my house, I can't seem to shake my love for the outdoors. My homeschooled upbringing meant I could spend more time outside than inside, creating imaginary worlds, characters, and stories with the elements around me. No matter the season in life, I found I could always find sanctuary and discover meaning when I get lost in nature. I discovered through abstract art I could finally share that feeling of curiosity and tell stories for others to be inspired by in their day-to-day lives. Being outside is an integral part of my practice and it's beautiful how every time it transports me right back to being a curious kid with a big imagination. 

My Story

Growing up as the second youngest of eight children I marvelled at how my older siblings could harness a pencil, paintbrush, or clay to create something beautiful that didn't exist before. Their courage to take creative risks fuelled my passion to never stop creating, as they told me over and over again, anyone can make art all you have to do to get better is to keep doing it. We didn't have a lot of money growing up but most of the gifts I did receive from my parents were tools to keep championing my passion for art... An etch-a-sketcher, crayon packs, big rolls of paper, an easel, spray paint, an airbrush. Up until grade nine, I was homeschooled which maybe was to my advantage to grow in the arts but math and sciences were heavily ignored for my love of sketchbook. I managed to catch up on the other subjects in high school while painting my heart out in as many art classes the school would allow me. A year after high school I started up my own business in illustrations which then grew into a full time job doing graphic design. After seven amazing years of working with many incredible local brands and people, I closed up shop to start my new adventure of motherhood and creating art with my hands again.