The Time It Takes

Fall 2023

Slow and steady wins the race. Nothing could be more true with this body of work as I've been forced to slow down to what feels like a snail's pace. Or, perhaps, a mushroom’s pace? The pace has been difficult, but well worth the reward of a completed series!

Mushrooms are curious things. Their lives are completely dependent on both living and dead organisms within their environment. I see this dependency reflected in my own life. Close relationships carry me through struggle and triumph, giving me the courage to push outside of my comfort zone. Experiences and dreams that feel "dead", fuelling new creative endeavours. All of these forces are constantly driving towards something redemptive and wonderful. Growth takes time, and you can't always see it coming. Just like fungus, which hide and wait most of the year, emerging only when perfect conditions are met. Waiting is hard, but when those perfect conditions hit, that hard work can burst into something beautiful.

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