Collector FAQ

How do I purchase an original painting?

Victoria releases new works to her mailing list a few times a year usually as a series. Single works also come available for special projects like charity auctions or in partnership with another business. In all cases, the mailing list is notified before hand so collectors can be ready for secure a piece at its release date and time.

Does Victoria take commissions?

Currently, Victoria does not take on any commissions. The best way to secure an original is to purchase from her series or one off piece releases to her mailing list.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, for all original paintings and prints. Shipping rates vary on location.

What is the difference between canvas and paper prints?

Both types of prints are printed with the world's best archival quality materials and pigments with accurate colours and detail that look just like the original

Paper: Has a more contemporary/modern look with a watercolour paper like texture, and since it is uncoated it is best framed in glass. Note that it's more costly to frame larger sizes (30X30" and bigger) as this would require custom framing and glass.

Canvas: Has a more traditional look that is closer to what Victoria's originals look like. It has a the classic canvas texture with a matte varnish so it does not require to be framed in glass. Rolled canvas is more affordable to frame than paper in larger sizes as you can either stretch it over stretcher bars yourself or take it to your local framer. You can also purchase canvas prints already stretched with Victoria's signature white oak frame.

Where can I find frames for paper prints?

If your budget is small, we recommend the plexiglass frames from a Canadian partner company Opposite Wall who carry our sizes of 16X20” to 24X36”, or you can invest in a real glass frame from our print shop in those same sizes. Framing paper prints 30X30" require custom framing at your local framer.

Artist FAQ

What type of canvas does Victoria use?

Raw canvas with clear gesso as primer. You can learn Victoria's preparation and creative process in detail in her beginner abstract painting course, Paint Your Heart Out.

What medium does Victoria paint with?

Victoria work is very multimedium and changes depending on the painting or series, but mostly acrylic with the addition of water depending on the piece.

Where can I find raw canvas?

Victoria order raw stretched canvases from her local art framer. Unfortunetly, this is not commonly available everywhere but there are suppliers who can ship a roll and you stretch it yourself.

How does Victoria capture your art for prints?

Victoria started out capturing her prints herself using a DSLR camera and stitched multiple photos together in Photoshop to create the highest detailed prints of her originals. She now works with a local art capturing and printing business (Tricera Imaging in Vancouver) to capture her originals.

Who does Victoria print her prints with?

Victoria works with Tricera Imaging in Vancouver BC Canada for here North American orders and also with The Print Space in London UK for her European paper orint orders. Both companies do dropshipping solutions for artists and have unparrelled archival quality and customer service.

Does Victoria have online courses?

Yes! Currently, Victoria has one beginner abstract painting online course, Paint Your Heart out, and our team is currently working on a masterclass to equip artists with growing their businesses and achieving their dreams of going full-time. You can sign up to the artist newsletter here to be notified when it's ready.