Got something on your chest? Let's paint it.

Art is so much more than a pretty thing to hang on your wall. It's a creative therapy for me first and foremost to express my thoughts and feelings on the world around me and inside of me. Art can help us sort our feelings where words fail. This is why I made this course, so others can discover a new way to express their unique perspective of the world around them and inside them.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone looking to express themselves with paint! Whether your a pro in one artistic medium wanting to explore another or your a total beginner. When it comes to capturing your emotions on canvas, painting does no discriminate. 🥰

  • Who is this course NOT for?

    If you think feelings are gross, want your painting to be perfect, and want to feel comfortable in the process 100% of the time. Painting gets messy, it can feel challenging at times, and there are many risks and happy little accidents but that's all part of the beautiful process 🙃

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  • Module 1:

    🛠️ Overview of materials & tools

    ❤️ How to translate your feelings onto canvas

    🎨 Creating your colour swatch guide

  • Module 2:

    ☀️ How I start my paintings (Let's go outside!)

    💧 Learn how to paint with water

    🌊 How to let go of control and get in the flow

  • Module 3:

    🎯 Creating a composition unique like you

    🖼️ Tips to making your piece feel complete

    ✨ Protecting your masterpiece and displaying it

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Questions you might be asking...

Is this course a live event?

It is not. All content is filmed beforehand and you can access it after June 1st 2023 and engage with the content in your own time.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

That is up to you! This is a do at your own pace course with a total of 1.5 hours of video content but we recommend setting aside a minimum of an hour per module if you're a beginner, but take your time and go with the flow. Victoria usually spends 10-40 hours on a painting depending on the size.

Is this course with oils or acrylics?

Victoria uses acrylics paints with a few other mixed medias that are included in the shopping lists if you choose to use also.

Can I use white primed canvas instead of raw?

You can absolutely use white primed canvas if that is what is available to you! It will look slightly different than the raw primed canvas that Victoria primarily uses but the technique is the same and she will shows you how both types of canvas can be prepped and compare throughout the course.

How much do I need to spend on art supplies?

The course will include tips and product recommendations for different budgets. The smallest budget recommendation would be as little as $50 CAD to get enough value out of the course.

Will this course cover every detail of how Victoria paints?

This course will be covering and showing all the foundational techniques and materials Victoria uses in her practice, such as painting with acrylic and water and capturing your feelings on canvas regardless of skill level. Every painting is different so not every material and technique will be taught (such as realism sketching and painting as that is a unique and technical skill that requires a lot of practice and couldn't be covered in this foundational course). But don't fret, this course is all about getting your started with discovering your own unique expression, markings and materials which is an integral part of finding your unique creative voice, that only you have!

Will this course be available in other languages or have subtitles?

We are hoping to have it translated into more languages other than English but we cannot make any guarantee at this stage. There will. be english subtitles.

How will I access the online course?

Once the course will be available to access after June 1st. You will receive an email invitation after purchase (or June 1st if pre-ordering) to create an account on Mighty Networks where you will be granted access to the online course to complete at your own pace.

Will you offer in-person classes?

Unfortunately, Victoria doesn't have the capacity right now to do in-person classes for the foreseeable future, but this is why we created this online course so all could learn in digital form in your own time!

Will I have forever access to the course after purchase?

Yes, in the case we need to change our online course provider we will let you know ahead of time how to preserve your course purchase.

After purchase can I share this course with others?

When purchasing this course you agree to not share your login credentials with anyone or reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell content from this course. This online course is under copyright of Victoria Rose Park Inc. and we reserve the right to cancel any account that breaches these terms.

Do I have to paint outside in this course?

Absolutely not! You can paint anywhere that inspires you or wherever you have the space too. Victoria paints outside because that's where she's most inspired but the techniques you learn can be done anywhere.

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Paint Your Heart Out: with Victoria Rose Park

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